Fleet Management System

With Softwebworld fleet management software, companies with private and dedicated fleets can further optimize their transportation process. This fleet management planning software addresses the exponential volume of transportation execution variables in order to determine the best moves for assets. This innovative vehicle fleet management software provides visibility into street-level routing as well as automatic route consolidation functionality.

Fleet Management Software covers:
Fleet Operation
Tyre Management System
Inventory Management System

Fleet Management Software allows to manage all aspects of their transportation:
Optimize daily planning and execution of assets
Save on fuel due to better routing
Gain visibility into vehicle routes and related costs
More accurate timesheets from drivers.
Improve the utilization and productivity of assets
Automate consolidation and scheduling
Reduce carbon footprint
Trakker Fleet Management Services
Fleet Management Reports and analysis.
Customized Solutions

Tyre Management System : One part of fleet management system is a tyre management system, which allows:
To achieve higher milege of new tyre and reteared tyre.
Give recommendation to the principles ,the suitable pattern of tyre that can deliver the lowest cost/km.
To get better performance of retreading tyre..
Ensuring correct and safe methods of tyre change -outs, tyre rotation, tyre pressure , and tread depth check and tyre wear patterns inspections.