Android Application Development

Android gives you a world-class platform for creating apps and games for Android users everywhere, as well as an open marketplace for distributing to them instantly. Android gives you everything you need to build best-in-class app experiences. It gives you a single application model that lets you deploy your apps broadly to hundreds of millions of users across a wide range of devices—from phones to tablets and beyond.

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Android development features:

Security and permissions

Security concept in Android

During deployment on an Android device, the Android system will create a unique user and group ID for every Android application. Each application file is private to this generated user, e.g. other applications cannot access these files.

Therefore by means of the underlying Linux operating system, every Android application is isolated from other running applications.

Permission concept in Android

Android also contains a permission system. Android predefines permissions for certain tasks but every application can define additional permissions.

Some permission is automatically granted by the Android system, some are automatically rejected. If the user denies a permission required by the application, this application cannot be installed. The check of the permission is only performed during installation; permissions cannot be denied or granted after the installation.